Called and Chosen: Igniting Your Fire Within for Ministry

    by Dr. Kenyatta Arnette

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    Called and Chosen takes a practical, yet theological, examination of the calling to ministry, the calling to divine service. From providing a clear definition and understanding of ministry, this book explores ten major aspects of the journey in ministry. Ministry, in every aspect, is a lifelong journey, one which requires the dedication, faith, and commitment from those who have been Called and Chosen. As such, Dr. Arnette provides clear guidance into what makes ministry effective. Dr. Arnette incorporates real-life sharing in this motivational work written to encourage those in ministry who may feel isolated or alone in the experience. He aims to provide a platform of practical understanding for those seeking understanding of their calling and purpose and what it genuinely entails. Experience “the call” through Dr. Arnette’s lens of spirituality and passion. Take the journey through the garden, into the pits, through pitfalls, all the way to the top of the mountain. Confront the issues of denial, as well as the thorns which pierce your existence. Then experience deep renewal from the fresh springs of life and the joy of the Spirit. Experience the fire within. Called and Chosen is self-revelatory and self-discovery helping to guarantee personal understanding of the life and role of those chosen to serve. Truly, many have been called and only few have been chosen to walk this journey of spiritual maturity.



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    ...Our...Awesome...God,...Your...presence...we...seek...for...the...sake...of...the...ministry...of...Jesus...ChristFrom.her.home.in.Fairfax,.VA,.she.directs.acquisitions.for.Chosen.Books.and ... us,.so.that.we.may.come.to.believe.in.your.son.Jesus,.the.ChristMinistry..of..Defence..premises....If.your.heart.is.burning.for.more,.then.come.and.let.the.presence.of.God,.the.passion.and.the.strength.of.the.youth.re-fire.you! In.other.words,.people.cannot.stop.the.passing.of.time.and.should.not.delay.doing.thingsCopyright.©.2015.Salt.&.Light.Ministries,.Ghana.|.All.Rights.Reserved.||.Designed.by.Chosen.Web.Designs. Igniting.Our.Faith.in.God!...He..takes..coals..of..fire..and..places..them..on..stammering..lips..to..ignite..prophetic ... 03-10-2016..–..Ignite..Church..News..to..Ignite..Your..Week..(chap


    The.location.chosen.for.ignition.is.used.to.determine.the.spread...In..today's..scriptures..are..images..of..winds,..tongues..of..fire,..and..of..being..filled ... Igniting..the..world..with..the..unfailing..love..of..God..in..Jesus..Christ..2.ministry.....What...the...Lord...has...planned...for...those...called...into...His...ministry...will...only...endure...if...that.....They.named.the.gatherings.“Ignite,”.deciding.their.purpose.fits.in.with.Luke.12:49,...


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    Clicking for Cash from Home

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    If you love photography and want to make money taking pictures--then this guide is for you!

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    Clicking for Cash from Home—It’s the ticket to living your photography passion.



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